Freshened Carpets | 3 Tricks To Recreate Near-New Carpets In Your Latest Rental

16 September 2016
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Even though you move into a rental that has supposedly been cleaned by the previous tenants, many tenants prefer to do the carpet cleaning job on their own to ensure that the place has been thoroughly disinfected before they move in. If you fall in this category, follow these tricks to recreate near-new carpets in your latest rental. Consider Getting A Steam Clean To Remove All Embedded And Concealed Dirt Read More 

What to Expect During Post-Construction Cleaning

5 July 2016
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It is important to clean up the mess that's left behind after a construction project so that the building can be ready for moving in. Post-construction cleaning is essential for both residential property and commercial buildings. It is a project that should be done by a professional cleaning company who have the expertise and equipment to undertake heavy duty cleaning. As a property owner, you need to understand what is expected during the cleaning process so that you can approach the right company for the job. Read More