Freshened Carpets | 3 Tricks To Recreate Near-New Carpets In Your Latest Rental

16 September 2016
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Even though you move into a rental that has supposedly been cleaned by the previous tenants, many tenants prefer to do the carpet cleaning job on their own to ensure that the place has been thoroughly disinfected before they move in. If you fall in this category, follow these tricks to recreate near-new carpets in your latest rental.

Consider Getting A Steam Clean To Remove All Embedded And Concealed Dirt

Regular vacuum cleaners typically do a good job of eliminating any visible dirt from carpets, but they do nothing to get rid of deeply embedded and concealed dirt within the carpet fibres. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction requires the use of professional equipment for spraying hot water and cleaning products on carpets. The water is then extracted into the machine along with embedded and concealed dirt. A thorough steam clean, which involves several stages will cost from $20 to $40 for every room. For a 2-bedroom unit, you can expect to pay between $75 and $95, while your carpet cleaning costs for a larger home will be over $185. These prices are well worth it when you consider the health of your little children and pets because they tend to play on carpets all the time.

Get Stains Removed To Reflect A Fresh Finish

Before moving into the unfurnished apartment with your furniture, make sure all stains are removed. Some carpet cleaning companies offer specialised stain removal services, which are designed to tackle the most stubborn stains. If you love the apartment, but hate the stains on the carpet, then consider hiring these carpet cleaners to tackle the stains –– allowing you the opportunity to move into the home without worrying about unsightly marks. While stain removal chemicals are generally available at most home improvement stores for DIY applications, they don't always work on tough stains. Carpet cleaning companies have professional-grade cleaning equipment to restore near-new appeal.

Restore Torn And Fraying Areas For A Fresh Appearance

So, you probably got a discount on the rental because of torn and fraying areas of the carpet? The idea of discounted rent is always great, but you don't really want to live with fraying carpet fibres, do you? Some carpet cleaning companies also offer restoration services for certain types of damage to carpets. Utilising these services can make a huge difference to the way your carpet looks while you live in the rental, so you don't have to feel embarrassed when you have visitors.

Follow these shrewd tricks to recreate near-new carpets in your latest rental through carpet cleaning.