What to Expect During Post-Construction Cleaning

5 July 2016
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It is important to clean up the mess that's left behind after a construction project so that the building can be ready for moving in. Post-construction cleaning is essential for both residential property and commercial buildings. It is a project that should be done by a professional cleaning company who have the expertise and equipment to undertake heavy duty cleaning.

As a property owner, you need to understand what is expected during the cleaning process so that you can approach the right company for the job. Here are the essential procedures that should be carried out during post-construction cleaning.

Cleaning of the surfaces

Construction can leave surfaces looking pretty messy and dirty with that distinct construction smell. Dust that's settled on the surfaces and carpets can cause health complications to the occupants of the building. During the final cleaning, all the surfaces of the structure should be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of all this dust, dirt, and material debris. Surfaces include interior and exterior walls, floors, and the ceilings. Lighting areas, windows, doors, frames,  and plumbing systems should also be wiped properly.  If any carpets are installed, they should be vacuumed as well.

Sanitation of the building

Sanitation involves disinfecting surfaces within the property to prevent disease-causing bacteria from thriving. Areas that need to be particularly sanitary are kitchen areas and bathrooms. Kitchens need to be sanitary as this is where food is most likely to come into contact with bacteria. On the other hand, bathrooms are sensitive rooms within a building and should be disinfected at all times. Sanitation ensures that the building is safe and clean before occupation.

Cleaning of furniture

If you were constructing an extension to a building or doing a renovation, the chances are that the furniture may have come into contact with dust. Also, in an office building, a renovation project can leave dust particles on cabinets and files making the place unhealthy for workers. All furniture and cabinets should be wiped down, and couches upholstered. Documents and files within an office should be dusted to get rid of airborne particles.

Cleaning of exterior fixtures

Walkways, entrances, driveways, and patios are the first thing visitors see when they approach your property. You will find concrete slabs and left over material lying around, and this needs to be cleaned. Sweeping, power washing, and wiping down of all external surfaces and fixtures can give an appealing look to your property's exterior.

Post-construction cleaning is a thorough project that you cannot undertake on your own. By hiring a competent post construction cleaning company, you will be assured that your new building is clean and safe for occupation.