Do you suspect there is asbestos in your home?

26 May 2021
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Asbestos was a common building material for much of the 20th century and can still be found in many homes today. If you have recently discovered that your property has an asbestos problem, you might be tempted to remove the asbestos yourself. It's good that you recognize the importance of asbestos removal, but it is highly dangerous to attempt to take the asbestos out of your building without the correct equipment and training. Read More 

Why Carpet Cleaning Services Will Rejuvenate Your Old Carpet

14 August 2019
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Carpets, admittedly, are the go-to staple for homeowners looking or cushioning on their floors. Nonetheless, while carpets are soft and cosy at the onset, heavy traffic over the years can wear down the fibres. On the other hand, if you had your carpet in short or long-term storage and finally want to use it again, it could likely have developed stains from dust as well as odours that make it ill-fitting for your interiors. Read More 

Two Tips for Commercial Office Owners Who Will Be Using a Cleaning Service for the First Time

2 January 2019
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If you are the owner of an office-based enterprise and you have decided to start using a cleaning service, here are some tips that you may find helpful.   Instruct your employees to tidy up their desks at the end of each day It is important to instruct your employees to tidy up their desks at the end of each day. The reason for this is as follows: when the cleaners arrive after the office has closed for the day (or in the morning, before it opens), they will have a limited amount of time in which to sanitise, hoover and dust the premises. Read More 

Items of Clothing That Should Always Warrant an Ironing Service

27 September 2018
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When you have items of clothing that you treasure, it's important to treat them well. While most people can wash and iron their own clothes, there are certain items that require a specialist ironing service. Learning more about them will help you keep your favourite items safe. Silk shirts While materials such as silk will dry easily, the way you wash and iron them could result in the fabrics shrinking. When it comes to removing creases from silk, those who provide ironing services offer a focus on specialist techniques. Read More 

Why You Need Skip Bin Services For Your Ever-Growing Waste

4 June 2018
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Improper waste management systems can be hazardous to your health and dangerous to the environment. To ensure that your home or workplace is clean and free from litter, you need to hire reliable skip bin services. Here are some reasons why skip bin services will sort your mess. The Rubbish is Assorted Skip bins help you to categorise the trash that is produced in your home. Differentiating the litter makes it easy to manage them. Read More