Top Tips When Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

5 August 2021
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Commercial buildings, hotels and hospitals often require the services of commercial cleaning companies to keep their premises spotlessly clean. Professionalism is a critical consideration when choosing a commercial cleaning service. Organisations and businesses understand that the commercial cleaning service's work can affect their brand and company image. Therefore, they opt to hire cleaning companies that can guarantee positive results and are ready to create long-term partnerships. 

If you intend to hire a commercial cleaning company, the extract below puts forward some questions that you can use to examine the professionalism of a commercial cleaning company. Ultimately, it will ensure that you work with a market leader. 

Who Are Your Current Clients?

It enables you to assess the company's work quality. Visit some of the premises that they clean to establish their cleaning practices. For instance, do the cleaners have uniforms? Do they have safety equipment such as masks, gloves and appropriate boots? Do they place safety signage when cleaning? Are the cleaners friendly to other people? This assessment will give you an idea of the services that the company provides. Do not shy off from calling some of the clients to ask if they enjoy the services provided. 

What Services Do You Offer? 

Most commercial cleaning companies will offer a comprehensive range of services. For example, other than cleaning floors, they can also conduct commercial window cleaning, maintain your plumbing and drainage systems. Besides, some companies can also provide waste disposal services. 

Do You Vet Your Employees? 

The company employees will spend considerable time on your premises. Therefore, inquire whether the company conducts vetting and background checks before hiring them. The company should vouch for its employees.

Do You Have Adequate Insurance? 

The cleaning company should have adequate insurance coverage. Cleaning works could expose the cleaners to accidents. Insurance coverage protects you from compensation claims if some of the company's employees suffer an accident on your premises. 

What Are The Terms Of Service? 

The company should customise their services to suit your business needs. For instance, they should inspect your premises to determine the number of cleaners and equipment required to clean the area. Most companies will inquire if you have reservations about when you want the area cleaned. For instance, retail areas and hotels would want cleaners on-site 24/7. On the other hand, a bank would want the premises cleaned a few minutes before closing. 

When hiring a commercial cleaning service, inquire about their current clines, assess the company services, ask if they vet employees, check their insurance coverage and terms of service.