Why Carpet Cleaning Services Will Rejuvenate Your Old Carpet

14 August 2019
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Carpets, admittedly, are the go-to staple for homeowners looking or cushioning on their floors. Nonetheless, while carpets are soft and cosy at the onset, heavy traffic over the years can wear down the fibres. On the other hand, if you had your carpet in short or long-term storage and finally want to use it again, it could likely have developed stains from dust as well as odours that make it ill-fitting for your interiors. Whatever the case, all is not lost for your rug. While people tend to associate professional carpet cleaning services with commercial spaces, this service is perfect for homeowners too, especially if your cart is looking worse for wear. Before you choose to get rid of the rug, here are two reasons why carpet cleaning services will rejuvenate your old carpet.

Carpet cleaning services will eliminate the stench

Carpets, in general, are notorious for absorbing smells. Perhaps you have pets in the home that love cosying up on the carpet, or maybe you have small children that constantly spill their food and drinks, your carpet will eventually start to reek, and this can make the entire space uncomfortable to stay in. Not to mention that terrible impression your interiors will be made to visitors to your home! The thing about odours is that they seep deep into each fibre of the carpet. Thus, DIY carpet cleaning will probably worsen the stench rather than make it better! Professional services, on the other hand, are equipped with the right tools and equipment to combat these smells and eliminate them for good. From utilising steam cleaners to hot water suction, your carpet will come back odourless!

Carpet cleaning services handle with care

The older your carpet is, the likelier it has accumulated a myriad of stubborn stains. However, old carpets have weakened fibres due to the degree of foot traffic that they are exposed to. In addition to this, different types of piles, textures and fabrics will have varying care instructions. So if you use the wrong cleaning method on your fabric you will damage it. And if you are too rough when cleaning the carpet, you will damage it. Thus, if you have no expertise in cleaning your old rug, you have a high chance of ruining the carpet and subsequently never being able to use it again. Professional cleaning services, on the other hand, not only know how best to deal with the fragile fibres but also are trained in the specialised cleaning of different fabrics. So, when you entrust your carpet to professional cleaning services, your rug will come back looking good as new with brighter colours and a fluffier pile!

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