Items of Clothing That Should Always Warrant an Ironing Service

27 September 2018
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When you have items of clothing that you treasure, it's important to treat them well. While most people can wash and iron their own clothes, there are certain items that require a specialist ironing service. Learning more about them will help you keep your favourite items safe.

Silk shirts

While materials such as silk will dry easily, the way you wash and iron them could result in the fabrics shrinking. When it comes to removing creases from silk, those who provide ironing services offer a focus on specialist techniques. For example, they may use low-level steaming and specialist devices. Or, they will place certain types of fabric over the silk shirt itself. Unless you are adept at using such techniques, using the skills of a professional will ensure your silk remains intact.

Any type of cashmere

Much like silk, cashmere is a material that's often difficult to wash, dry, and iron without the right knowledge. In many cases, the cashmere item you own will specifically state that it is dry cleaning only. One of the reasons manufacturers of cashmere products recommend that you don't wash them yourself is that you run the risk of making it lose its softness. At the same time, you don't want to wear a high-end product that comes with creases. By using an ironing service, you can keep creases away from your cashmere while ensuring it remains soft.

Dancewear that's made from taffeta

Unfortunately, there are few scenarios where taffeta will withstand the robust approach that comes with self-directed ironing. As a fabric that has a unique structure that weakens easily, it can soon lose its shape. When you're wearing taffeta as part of a dance outfit, you want to avoid potentially ruining it. In addition to using an ironing service, you may want to consider asking the person performing the task if they can hand wash it for you. Hand washing is one of the best ways to make sure taffeta retains its integrity, which means you can enjoy its alluring look for years to come. 

Any item that is special

Clothing can hold sentimental value for an array of reasons. For example, you may want to use an ironing service after wearing your wedding dress, especially if it isn't stained. Other outfits can include christening gowns, bridesmaids dresses, and a groom's suit. After taking it to an ironing professional, place it in a protective case to keep it safe.