4 Important Pancake Syrup Stain Removal Tips

26 February 2018
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Some forms of blemishes, such as pancake syrup stains, may require immediate action instead of waiting for professional upholstery cleaners to come. This article discusses some useful tips that homeowners can implement as they try to get rid of pancake syrup that has dripped onto furniture upholstery.

Keep Hot Water Away

It is advisable for you to desist from using steam or hot water when you are cleaning a syrup stain from your upholstery. Why is hot water bad for this task? Hot water is likely to make the stain set in the upholstery. This outcome is far from what you had intended when you set out to clean off the stain. Stick to cold water during this cleaning task.

Dab or Blot

Make sure that you avoid rubbing the area of the syrup stain in your attempt to remove as much of the syrup as you can. Rubbing will cause the stain to spread over a larger area. This can cause that affected area to become discoloured or permanently stained. Instead, dab or blot the area with a paper towel or clean towel. Those gentle dabbing motions will suck out as much of the syrup as can be removed.

Match Cleaning Agents to Upholstery Materials

Cold water may not be sufficient to get rid of the syrup stain without the use of a cleaning product. The success of your cleaning task will depend on how carefully you select the cleaning product to use. Make sure that product is compatible with the upholstery fabric. For example, ammonia may damage natural fibres. However, ammonia would be an ideal choice for upholstery fabrics made from synthetic materials. Read the cleaning instructions of the upholstery fabric and select cleaners accordingly.

Allow Ample Drying Time

It is also essential for you to allow the recently cleaned segment of the upholstery to dry sufficiently before you use that furniture again. This is because some water may have penetrated to the deeper layers of the furniture while you were cleaning. Using the furniture before that moisture dries up can cause surface dirt deeper into the upholstery. This will make the upholstery to become dirtier and develop additional stains. A day or two may suffice to dry the cleaned portion. A fan directed at the cleaned area can also speed up the drying process and enable you to use the furniture sooner.

Ask upholstery cleaners for help in case you suspect that some of the pancake syrup penetrated to the deeper layers of the furniture. Such professionals will assess the situation and select the most appropriate cleaning techniques to get rid of all the syrup.