Simple Tips for Pressure Washing Your House

10 November 2015
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The exterior parts of a residential structure can become unattractive due to exposure to dirt. Generally, the house can have a thick layer of dust, mud, mould, loose paint, general grime and other unfavourable blemishes. You can restore the curb appeal and attract buyers if you decide to resell by cleaning the exterior surfaces with a pressure washer. A pressure washer is a mechanical machine that can spray water at high pressure. It is ideal for cleaning the dirt build-up on surfaces quickly and efficiently. You should engage a pressure washing technician for the cleaning task because they know the right techniques to achieve the best results. However, you can also purchase or rent the pressure washing equipment for DIY cleaning. Here are some simple pressure-cleaning tips for residential structures.

Select Suitable Nozzles

A pressure washer must be used with an appropriate nozzle in order to achieve the desired results. Therefore, you should acquire a washer machine with interchangeable nozzles for your cleaning task. This property will allow you to change the spray capability of the equipment quickly during the process. Generally, the nozzle with a narrow spray delivers the most power because the high pressure is focussed in a single area. This is not an appropriate choice for general exterior cleaning because it can cause damage by striping the finish and internal structure. You should only utilise this when stripping hardened mud off resilient features like driveways. Choose a nozzle with a wider spray pattern for cleaning your walls and moving debris.

Use Detergents Appropriately

If the residential structure has greasy layers of grime, you will not achieve the best results by simply pressure spraying with pure water. You will need to utilise some form of detergent so as to break down the grime completely. Basically, you should first ensure that the machine chosen is approved for detergent use. This type of equipment should have a detergent injector which injects a continuous stream of solution into the cleaning water. In addition, it is prudent to purchase the right pressure washer detergents for your application. Consider the type of surface and the recommendations from the equipment manufacturer before making your choice.

Testing the Pressure Power

You should not direct the high pressure spray on your house without preliminary testing. If the pressure is higher than expected, you might damage the feature that you are attempting to clean. Ideally, you should start spraying from a distance, with the spray barely touching the feature. Then, move closer until you achieve the most appropriate spraying impact.

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