Questions to Ask About Servicing a Garbage Chute Hire for Your Facility

22 October 2015
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A garbage chute can ensure that tenants in a building remove their trash as needed, and can also be a legal requirement when it comes to handicap access in a building for tenants. When you're ready to hire a garbage chute for rent from a company like Qwik Chutes, note a few important questions to ask about its overall maintenance and upkeep so you know what's involved.

1. How often are the chutes cleaned?

If you're renting a garbage chute long-term such as for an apartment complex or office, you want to note how often the chute is cleaned. Tenants in an office may not be tossing out as much food trash and waste as those in an apartment complex, but they may still have a kitchen and need to empty that trash regularly. Don't assume that any garbage chute can go without cleaning or that you should put off this cleaning for as long as possible, but note how often the chute company cleans them and discuss your particular needs with them.

2. Does someone need to be onsite for the technician or service person?

This may vary from location to location; it might depend on if the service person can access the chute easily or if they need to be let into a locked area in order to get to all ends of the chute. Be sure you know if you're required to have someone onsite during maintenance and cleaning so you can schedule it as needed.

3. What should be done between cleaning and maintenance visits?

It may be tempting to try to hose down a garbage chute in between visits to keep it clean but this can often lead to a messy situation that simply makes odors worse, as the water clings to the inside of the chute and then allows mildew to grow. Your chute company may have certain recommendations for servicing the chute in between their visits, such as using a substance like baking soda that helps to absorb odors. Be sure you ask about this before you do anything to your garbage chute in between visits.

4. Is service still needed if the chute has a built-in cleaner?

Note that regular servicing of your garbage chute is done, not just to control odors, but to ensure the chute is in good working order. A technician can find anything that may be lodged in the chute and look for loose connections. A built-in cleaner can keep the chute odor-free but it should still have regular maintenance done as well.