Health and Safety Flooring and Wall Coverings

25 September 2015
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When it comes to choosing products to be part of a hospital facility or an aged care facility, the right products are going to ensure a better, safer and cleaner environment for all who utilise the facility. To assist in the cleaning and protection of the facility, there are many products which, when used, will reduce the growth of bacteria and mould and prevent floors from staining as easily. Products that offer antimicrobial technology and bacteria protection are ideal for hospitals and aged care facilities.


Floors can be difficult to keep clean as foot traffic, machines and medical equipment are constantly moving across them and throughout the different areas of the hospital. This is a very easy and simple way for germs and bacteria to spread. A solution to this issue would be to use a specially designed flooring system with antibacterial and low maintenance properties. As well as slip-resistance to ensure a safer environment, these flooring systems are designed to assist in a cleaner and safer solution for all who use them and come into contact with them.

As a high standard of flooring, these systems are often required to meet certain industry standards to ensure that they are suitable for the uses that they were created for including food safety and Occupational Health and Safety. Offering a smooth surface and a durable solution, this low maintenance product is the ideal flooring product for medical facilities.

In addition to the antibacterial properties, many of these flooring products also provide a surface that is suitable for both wet and dry environments, making them ideal for bathrooms and ensuring cleaning them is a simpler process than ever before.

Another solution is to hire a carpet cleaning service, such as Delron Carpet Cleaning Service, to ensure that the floors are always clean.


Coatings and wall systems are a great way to reduce the spread of bacteria and fungus where health and well being is crucial. Easy to clean and built to last, certain brands of paint can provide the ideal walling solution for this issue. With antimicrobial properties embedded into the paint, each surface covered will have a reduced risk of mould, bacteria and fungi growth, thus improving the health and overall cleanliness of the facility.

Walls and wall coverings specifically created for these applications often include properties such as the following:

  • Impact resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Mould resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Insulation

Technological Solutions

A new and innovative technology that has recently come into the market is power switches and electrical boards with antimicrobial properties embedded into the surface plate. Any bacteria that are passed onto them will die, and the spread of disease and infection will be greatly reduced. These are ideal for patient rooms and operating theatres. 

Helping to reduce the risk of cross contamination and common hospital and aged care facility bacteria, these products make cleaning and facility health a much simpler process.