When to Call a Skip Bin Hire for the Office

24 September 2015
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A skip bin hire is usually employed for renovation projects or large cleaning jobs, when you need to easily collect all the trash and refuse that won't otherwise fit into bags and cans. However, you might consider calling for a skip bin rental at other times as well. You may be surprised at what most skip bin companies offer when it comes to trash collection and removal, and using their services can make many cleanup jobs much quicker and easier even at the office. Note a few of those services you might want to discuss with a skip bin rental agency.

1. Waste baling

Waste baling refers to taking materials and flattening or otherwise reducing them, so they can be easily tossed out without taking up so much space. As an example, you might order a large quantity of certain parts or materials that are individually packaged in cardboard boxes or tubes. Trying to toss out all those boxes or tubes can mean filling up your own trash receptacle very quickly. Waste baling can flatten them and reduce their size so that they can be easily thrown away or even recycled more readily.

2. Mixed recycling

Sometimes called comingled recycling, this refers to a large number of recyclable items that are all mixed up together. Taking these to a recycling center on your own can be a hassle as they may not accept items that are comingled. A skip bin company may only have a list of items that are acceptable and as long as everything in the bin is on that list, they will do the sorting of your items for you.

3. Bulk waste

Bulk waste refers to items that are simply too big to be put in a standard bin or which aren't accepted by your usual waste collector. This might include furniture, televisions, appliances, and the like. If you're renovating your office or updating the space and need to dispose of these types of items, and if your standard trash collector won't accept them in their bins, call a skip bin hire company. They may have separate bins that are meant for just such items and will even have them recycled for you.

4. Document destruction

If you have large piles of paperwork that you want to have destroyed but don't have a shredder in the office, or only have a small shredder meant for a few sheets, call a skip bin hire company. They will usually have document destruction services they can offer; paperwork might be shredded into tiny pieces to be recycled or they may simply incinerate the paperwork altogether.